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Keith Cooper


  "The Difference in Flaming Oldies"..


I have been asked numerous times about the difference of sound and music on Flaming Oldies compared to other radio stations.


Why the difference?


To answer these questions, I have to go back to 2004 when I first started Flaming Oldies.


The first and most important fact is, I have been on the front lines of commercial radio, whether FM or AM, interacting with callers who would call in their music requests.


This would be an invaluable experience. I got a chance to personally speak with listeners, learn about the music that they loved so much and how it impacted their lives. I felt their music, I felt a small sample of their lives.


Needless to say, as a professional radio jock, I am my own worst critic and the biggest fan of the music that commercial radio stations no longer want to play.


  I AM and always will be a listener first -- radio jock last.nce the commercial radio stations started to throw listeners like myself to the curb along with our Oldies genre (because we were too old in the eyes of the corporate suits), it was then I decided to go out on a mission.  The internet provided an outlet for me and thousands of Oldies music lovers around the world.


I had made a promise in 2004 that the radio station that I will program for the next several years will be programmed by a music lover of Oldies and a person who would like to hear other varieties of music that would be suitable for me. In other words, everyone that is listening to Flaming Oldies is listening to my personal iPod, Walkman, etc.  This is about my taste in the music I love.  I share this special thing with anyone that tunes into Flaming oldies.


With this said, during my tenure as a radio dj, I created and hosted a show called the "Time Portal" which had aired on a local radio station. This would be my show that consisted of the music I loved.  It had aired for a couple of years.  When the opportunity came to create an internet radio station in 2004, I took this show and made it the foundation for Flaming Oldies. The music you hear on Flaming Oldies during the majority of the prime time hours Monday through Friday is my show. It covers the 1950s through the 1980's.


I have been asked about the 1980's.  Yes, it may seem odd for someone who may like the music for the most part of the 1950s through the 1970s. The fact is I like a variety of music that is not hard on the ears and helps me at ease.  I program the 80s music in the Time Portal with much thoughtfulness.  The music has to go together well with the older music.  I have been very selective in what is aired from the 1980s.


We can never forget about the older classics, but we also don't want to ignore some great songs of some of the great artists that have come to the forefront during our life time and we need to acknowledge their artistry as well.


It would be naÔve of me to think I can program every song that was great and recorded by these great artists.  I just don't have the time to program all these songs.  With this in mind, I opened up specialty programming for those who could bring additional great music and artistry to Flaming Oldies. This would become very special to us.


I have brought in some great people who have been in radio, and some who never made it into radio, but just wanted a chance to produce a show. These people are a dedicated bunch of guys and gals who want to put their best shows together for their listeners. They work hard.  Much goes into creating and producing a music show.  The content and technical skill, such as laying down the tracks so they are suitable to air on radio, is much work.


These are the behind the scenes going-ons that the average radio listener never sees.  I get to see it all.  I know it is hard work, but they love what they do.  Much research goes into how a particular show will sound. The final product is a fine baked pie with a lot of ingredients that come from the show producerís heart.


The specialty programming is aired normally after 7 PM EST Monday through Friday and much of the weekend hours.  Itís great to hear such a diverse sound of Oldies hosted by the different types of radio personalities. Itís fun to hear the new product of each show each week.


I hope Iíve been able to give you a peek behind the Flaming Oldies curtain. Enjoy our music and be rest assured, you have a home for your favorite music at Flaming Oldies.com.


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Have a super great weekÖÖ..

Contact:   Keith@flamingoldies.com

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