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You will find at Flaming Oldies.com that we play the greatest songs ever recorded and aired on radio during the great 1950's,1960's,1970's and now 1980's.


 You'll hear Elvis, The Four Seasons, The Beach Boys, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, The Diamonds, Tom Jones, Frankie Avalon, Motown Classics, The Drifters, The Flamingos and many, many more.


So get away from that "so-called" oldies radio on the airwaves that no longer plays the songs you want to hear. Click on our great web station  Flaming Oldies and hear the true oldies.


   For Station Contact: Use our Contact Form or E-Mail: music@flamingoldies.com  .

Phone: (877) 860-6231 or follow us on Social Media for station information or go to our Forum page for instant feedback.

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